Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Favorite Things: Doctor Who

In this installment, I show some love to one of my favorite TV shows.

So I first remember watching when Tom Baker was The Doctor. His run lasted from 1974-1981. I recall this one as early as me being five years old.

Now being so young, I don't quite remember the adventures he had, or who his companions were. I just remember the guy with the big hair and the scarf. I also remember the TARDIS.

Let's fast-forward to 2005, shall we?

Sci-Fi Channel announces a new Doctor Who series. I'm intrigued as it stirs up memories of my youth (well, this and Godzilla movies) so I decided to watch. In this version, we're introduced to Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor. Some of you playing along at home will also recognize him from 28 Days Later...(an amazing film. Expect an entry about my love for zombie flicks later on.)

This is also where I was introduced to Rose Tyler, his companion. She seemed pretty cool, and they worked well together.

But when The Doctor regenerated (which I think is defined in this series as 'The Doc either has wants out of his contract or the writers are bored with the guy'), it truly brought about the beginning of an era.

It introduced the world to The Tenth Doctor, David Tennant.

Rose stuck around during Tennant's first season as our favorite Time Lord. But eventually Rose's adventures with the fan favorite Doctor drew to a close with a tearful goodbye.

Season Three rolls around and Tennant is still The Doctor. His companion this time around is Martha Jones.

Personally, Martha was my favorite companion. She had the spunk and attitude where it counted, like Rose. But she was also hella (yeah, I said it) smart. After all, this woman was training to be a doctor, but not of the Time Lord variety. Martha left us at the close of Season Three...but neither she or Rose stayed out of the picture.

When we get into Season Four, Tennant's still rocking the brown overcoat and Chuck Taylors. His companion this time around is Donna Noble (who we met during the Christmas special in season three 'The Runaway Bride').

Donna struck me as a little too common. But I also came to realize that the ladies The Doctor chose as his companions were missing something in their normal lives. Whether it was adventure, a stable family life, the recognition of family, these ladies had something that for whatever reason, stepping into that Police Box filled.

The end of season four came with the announcement that Tennant would be moving on to pursue other interests. The fans began to mourn as we all wondered who was going to fill the shoes Tennant had managed to with this manic quirkiness along with a touch of sadness.

Rose, Martha, Sarah Jane, all made appearances at the end of this season. It was wonderful to see all of the friends he'd made.

There were some specials, and Tennant's run came to a close with 'The End of Time', which brought back an old enemy and was a very emotional goodbye when Tennant hung up that overcoat for good. (I'm going to admit here I cried like a baby when he regenerated.)

Currently, we have Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor, along with his companion, Amy Pond.

Now I'll be honest here. I'm not sure I like Matt Smith as The Doctor. I really adored Tennant's version (I'd compare it to how I feel about Egon Spengler.) so I walked into this one with great reluctance. I love Amy, she's got some major spunk. I am hoping for the possibility of some reunions with previous companions. But truth be told, Matt seems to be still growing into this role. Maybe he hasn't decided how he's going to roll with it yet, but I suppose I shall have to really just park my ass down and watch it.

But the revamp of the series has left a mark on me that will never go away. I dream sometimes of The Doctor (it's always Tennant in my dreams) coming to whisk me away in that Police box to worlds far away. We could watch the end of the world from aboard a spaceship, meet Madame du Pompadour, witness Shakespeare write 'Love's Labour Won' and of course battle some Cybermen and Daleks along the way. But if the Sontarans show up, I won't complain.

When the husband and I got married, we got custom made Chucks to honor our favorite Doctor. I carried a Sonic Screwdriver in my bouquet. This series made such an impact on our relationship that we had to pay homage.

And in about a month, I will be donning that long brown overcoat and pinstriped suit Tennant did during his run. I will do it with love, respect and adoration for one of the best damn characters I've ever seen on TV within the last five years.

I can't wait to see the fellow Con-goers asking me for pictures. But for the time being, I have quotes to learn and facial expressions to practice!

As always, if you've got something to say, please let me know!

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