Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Introduction

So I'm choosing to add my voice to the thousands of other blogs out there. What would make this better than the others? Time will tell.

I intend on discussing my favorite things, from comic books, video gaming, LARPing, TV shows, movies, books and pretty much anything that comes to mind. It is probable I will post on a variety of different topics, and I'll be sure to not spoil anything for you.

This is a girl who likes Sci-Fi and Horror. She is just as comfortable watching Gossip Girl as she is with Doctor Who. She can't choose between Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.

I do have to credit my husband for the push to do this. He knows I like to write. He knows I am passionate about the geeky things I love. After all, the best way to a man's heart is with a melee weapon.

I hope to touch on the many different facets of being a girl, but also a huge geek. Maybe share my love for the things I do. I also hope that by doing this, I can encourage other ladies to say it loud and say it proud: We're geeks and we're proud, dammit!

Be Well,


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